Surroundings of Arbus and Costa Verde.


A trip sailing in a sea of ​​emerald, between large and small coves of white sand: this is Sardinia, an island that surprises the visitor for its natural contrasts, lights and colors, a land of ancient traditions, immersed in wild and unspoiled nature.

Located at the center of the Mediterranean, with a mostly mountainous territory, but without high peaks, Sardinia offers visitors a unique natural setting, at the same time bitter and sweet. The man, in fact, in certain areas is almost a rare occurrence; large areas have remained magically intact, inhabited by deer, wild horses and large birds of prey, and are rich in small desert areas, ponds and lush forests with trees even millennial.

The crystal clear sea reigns supreme with its colors and creeps in the winding creeks, along the coasts and beaches, among its wonders, Sardinia offers the visitor the Nuragic complexes scattered throughout the territory, unique monuments that bear witness to an ancient culture, still partly mysterious, ranging from the fifteenth to the sixth century BC.

The Nuraghes, built with large blocks of basalt stone, are developed around a central tower in the shape of a truncated cone that conveys a feeling of solidity and power. These are archaeological sites where you can still see the signs of ancient ritual and domestic life in archaic charm.

The provinces of Sardinia are: Cagliari (Capital City), Carbonia-Iglesias, Nuoro, Olbia Tempio, Oristano, Medio Campidano, Sassari, Ogliastra.



Arbus, a small town of about 7000 inhabitants (s.l.m. 311 m) located in the southeast of Sardinia in the Middle Campidano province, sits on a valley formed by the intersection of two gigantic masses of granite. The picturesque star shaped village has always been devoted to agriculture, sheep farming, and crafts, activities never abandoned despite the advent of mining activity of past years.

Arbus includes, in its vast territory, the articulated volcanic system of its mountains and the beautiful wild coast. Belong to Arbus the villages of Montevecchio, Ingurtosu and Sant'Antonio di Santadi, and marine locations, from the southest, Capo Pecora, Scivu, Piscinas, Costa Verde with Portu Maga, Gutturu and Flumini, Funtanazza, then further north, Porto Palma, Torre dei Corsari and Pistis.

More than 47 km of coastline between diverse landscapes, long sandy beaches and coves of rocky ravines, really unique and unspoilt landscapes. The inland area is just as diverse in the mountains of Linas (1236m) and Arcuentu (785m), farming land and agriculture, large forests of oaks, holm oaks, Mediterranean scrub and junipers bent over sea by the mistral wind. A rich fauna is present in the area populated by endemic species like the Sardinian deer, wild boar and numerous other species. Of considerable interest are the various archaeological and natural sites, ideal for the practice of hiking and outdoor activities.

The charm of this area, as Sardinia, is also due to its millennial age, one of the oldest in the world. Steps of ancient civilizations have marked the territory, the tomb of the giants and the Nuraghe of San Cosimo in the nuragic period, the Flumentorgiu's tower in Torre Dei Corsari in the Spanish era.

There are unmistakable and interesting testimonies of past mining activity of the place: laverie, extraction wells, dams, bridges, tunnels, old wagons for transporting minerals and ghost villages of workers... an unusual landscape of industrial archeology with suggestive forms, a priceless historical and cultural heritage.

The Region of Sardinia wanted to protect and enhance this precious heritage by establishing the Geo-mining Park of Sardinia. Declared World Heritage Site in July 1997, was the first of the global network of geosites and geoparks. One of the areas that compose it, of 38,000 hectares, is the largest area of Sulcis-Iglesiente Arburese that covers about 65% of the entire Park.

Beyond the mountains, gentle hills descending into the crystal clear sea among the cleanest and most unspoiled in the world, through the golden sands and aroma of Mediterranean scrub, a succession of emotions and sensations that only this extraordinary place is capable of transmitting, a unique experience awaits you…